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J C Lawrence claw@kanga.nu
Thu, 25 Jan 2001 23:17:15 -0800

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001 19:54:11 -0500 
Ned Lilly <ned@greatbridge.com> wrote:

> Bek Oberin wrote:
>> Menega Sabidussi wrote:
>> > 3. what must one do to enable "posting from the web"?
>> Not possible.

> We've got that working in a prototype on our site, and will
> contribute the patch as soon as we clean it up.

I currently do this by using MHonArc as an external archiver to
generate PHP files of the messages, which then support the ability
to post replies via the web.  

Its proven fairly popular with my list members.

> BTW, we're also looking at porting the message storage (and user
> info, etc) to a PostgreSQL backend.  Has anybody else done
> anything along these lines?

I've toyed with it but haven't taken the leap.  The PHP files that I
have MHonArc creating are simple lists of variable assignments.  It
would be fairly easy to take these sets of variable assignments and
use them as the source data for SQL INSERT commands.

In fact I've played with a couple basic fault intolerant scripts to
do this and they worked for as far as I was interested in taking
them then.  The really intersting stuff, which I was looking towards
but never got as far as, was then dynamically building appropriately
threaded and extracted-view indexes from the SQL side (you can get
really interesting on that score).

  Note: MHonArc re-writes preciously archived messages to patch in
  forward pointers (threads etc) as relevant.  This would need to be
  accounted for.

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