[Mailman-Developers] Config option in Defaults.py for new MM

Marc MERLIN marc_news@valinux.com
Mon, 2 Jul 2001 15:02:14 -0700

I've modified mailman on sourceforge as such:

    # mass subscription processing for members category
    def clean_names(name):
        return rfc822.unquote(string.strip(name))

    if cgi_info.has_key('subscribees'):
	name_text = cgi_info['subscribees'].value
        name_text = string.replace(name_text, '\r', '')
	names = filter(None, map(clean_names, string.split(name_text, '\n')))
	if len(names) > 1:
	    document.AddItem(Header(1, "<P ALIGN=center>Mass subscribing has been disabled due to abuse</P>"))
	    document.AddItem("Sorry, but mass subscribing has been disabled due to abuse.")
	    document.AddItem("You cannot subscribe more than one address.")
	    document.AddItem("If you need to migrate a list from another place, you need ")
	    document.AddItem("to get approval from all your users and submit the list to ")
	    document.AddItem("the SF staff")
	    document.AddItem('You can open a support ticket <A HREF="http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=1&atid=200001&func=add">here</A>')

	    send_welcome_msg = string.atoi(
	    digest = 0
	    if not mlist.digestable:
		digest = 0
	    if not mlist.nondigestable:

Could  the maximum  number of  subscriptions allowed  through the  web be  a
config option in MM 2.1?
Having  another config  option that  would allow  submissions to  go through
mlist.AddMembers  intead  of  mlist.ApprovedAddMembers  would  be  nice  too
(members get  auto-added, but they  still need to  complete the 3rd  part of
the  3 way  handshake,  i.e.  answer the  mail  from  mailman, before  being

As  for  having  a URL  with  a  hash  that  would let  people  confirm  the
subscription instead of answering an  Email, with their broken mail settings
(line cutting/quoted printable/HTML/whatever), was  that something that made
it into MM 2.1?

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