[Mailman-Developers] X-whatever headers in mail-news gw

giancarlo giancarlo@navigare.net
Tue, 03 Jul 2001 10:47:49 +0200


I'd like to try to adjust the headers-cooking when relaying a mail
message to a newsgroup.

The reason, as I axplained in a recent post to mailman-users (see
'NNTP-posting-header not of sender' in June-2001), is that I'd like to
give the possibility to trace who sent the message in the first

This is to avoid that someone can use mailman's mail-news features as an
anonymizing resender, which is something people complained about at a
newsgroup here.

I know this all has little meaning and these headers are easily spoofed,
but I don't want poeople to have anything 'formally uncorrect' to
complain about.

What I miss is:

which of the original mail headers that contains this info is worth (and
easier) to keep and tranform into an 'X-whatever' header? The
'Message-ID:' header or the first 'Received:' header?

Also someone pointed to me that the 'X-complaints-to:' header in the
message that gets to the newsgroup contains the 'abuse' addres at the
news server, not the mailman gw administrator's one.

It is obvious that the admins at the news server have no responsability
for a message sent by an authorized poster, as the mailman-gateway has
to be.

So the second question is:

Who and when writes the 'X-complaints-to:' header? I suspect this is
written by the news server when the message gets there, and will
override any previously exixting one.
So' I'd have to invent another maybe 'X-complaints-in-first-place-to:'
header to give a possibility to be reached.

What do you think?