[Mailman-Developers] X-whatever headers in mail-news gw

Ron Jarrell jarrell@vt.edu
Tue, 03 Jul 2001 22:51:27 -0400

At 10:47 AM 7/3/01 +0200, giancarlo wrote:
>Who and when writes the 'X-complaints-to:' header? I suspect this is
>written by the news server when the message gets there, and will
>override any previously exixting one.
>So' I'd have to invent another maybe 'X-complaints-in-first-place-to:'
>header to give a possibility to be reached.

I can't speak to *all* news servers, but in innd it's put in by the server
as it's posting the note.  nnrpd discards any nnrp-posting-host, 
x-complatints-to, etc, etc, and inserts it's own authentic headers.

Having mailman stick in a x-gateway-trace header, similar to the
news x-trace header might not be a bad idea. Which could contain
more tracing info, like who mailman things it got the note from,
might not be a bad idea.  As a bonus, if you're concerned about
security, the info could be reversibly encrypted with a token stored
in each lists config.db, with a place the admin, after getting a complaint,
could go on the web interface to translate it...

Maybe having a "x-gateway-complaint: Relayed by mailman: complaints to (listowner)"
wouldn't be bad.

Someone "in the know", can tell from what's in the header now what's going on,
since the message id, x-mailman-version, and errors-to header are a clear footprint
as to what happened, but the man on the street (and even the admin on the street
who's never heard of mailman) could be confused.