[Mailman-Developers] Re: patch not-to limit_posts_to_members if from usenet in mail-news gw

Giancarlo Pinerolo giancarlo@navigare.net
Wed, 04 Jul 2001 18:15:33 +0200

That, of mine, was a quick patch to solve my particular problem, but
then I started thinking at the logic that was behind the fact that
'restrict-post-to-members' would require anyone posting, via the news
server too, to be registered at the mailman gateway.

Maybe if you run both the mailman gateway *and* the nntp server you can
benefit from that?
I don't know anything about administering news, so I don't know the
tools used there to limit posts or moderate the postings to a news

But in case the mailman mail-news gateway is a gateway to a 'public'
news server residing somewhere else, how can you cannot require that
evryone who posts there, from all over the world, be subscribed to some
unknown mailing list, and send him a message as 'you post is not
allowed' too.

I dont know what happens if, in this case, you set 'approve-required'
(privacy)  to a mail-news gw. Probably everyone who posts to the news
from out there would get a message 'held for approval' too.

So maybe there can be a distinguish between relaying from a newsgroup
*you* manage, and relaying from a 'public' newsgoup out there.

But doesn't a news server has his own way to restrict posts and get
moderator approval?

Thanks for any enlightment