[Mailman-Developers] Show date-sent in HTML archive even if that's not the archival logic

giancarlo giancarlo@navigare.net
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 21:22:29 +0200

I decided to set the archive logic to 'when-resent' to avoid those bogus
archives far away in the future.

Nevertheless I wanted the HTML archiver to show the X-Original-Date
value in the list archive.

So, now tha I am launched with Python, I made a little patch to
pipermail.py (I have version 2.0.1)

<       if message.has_key('Date'):
>       if message.has_key('X-Original-Date'):
>           self.datestr = str(message['X-Original-Date'])
>           date = message.getdate_tz('X-Original-Date')
>       elif message.has_key('Date'):

Hope I've guessed the whole thing right...