[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Users] [ANNOUNCE] Mailman 2.1 alpha 2

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Sat, 14 Jul 2001 12:55:04 -0400

>>>>> "CVR" == Chuq Von Rospach <chuqui@plaidworks.com> writes:

    >> I realize that a number of other sites misuse GET this way, but
    >> I think most of the large ones (e.g., Yahoo, online brokerages
    >> and banks, etc.) get it right, and I think Mailman should too.

    CVR> Because, frankly, I think w3 is wrong IN THIS CASE. That may
    CVR> make sense in a general case, especially on an HTTP only
    CVR> situation, but in this case, where the URL is being carried
    CVR> in e-mail to confirm an action the user has (presumably)
    CVR> started, I think they're wrong. As long as the e-mail clearly
    CVR> delineates the action being taken, do what's easy for the
    CVR> user; and the user isn't going to want to go clicking through
    CVR> multiple links just to allow us to abide to the HTTP stuff.

    CVR> But the key is this is a finalization of a distributed
    CVR> transaction, with e-mail distributing the token. Under other
    CVR> circumstances, I see W3's logic.  Here, however, using a URL
    CVR> to bring up a page that says "click here to confirm" is only
    CVR> going to piss off Joe User, not make his life better.

I agree with Chuq.  The user isn't going to understand the distinction
and is just going to be annoyed by having to do, what to them seems
like an extra unnecessary step.