[Mailman-Developers] Bug in mail->news gateway in 2.0.5 (and *simple* fix)

"Jürgen A. Erhard" juergen.erhard@gmx.net
Sun, 15 Jul 2001 10:17:21 +0200

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Bug: in Mailman/Handlers/ToUsenet.py, there are spaces inserted after
colons where they are missing ("NNTP is strict about spaces after the
colon in headers").

If a colon appears in a continuation line, it is treated as a header

Fix: skip lines that start with whitespace.

For those interested, the history of the finding of the bug:

Problem: my signed emails appeared on Usenet garbled.  The multipart
boundary had an extra space inserted (which of course the actual
boundaries hadn't).

After some exchange with Martin Armstrong (who made me aware of this)
we concluded it had to be the mail->news gateway (as my direct mail to
him, also signed, wasn't garbled).

I then investigated ToUsenet.py, and found the error.

Why this hasn't hit a lot more often is simple: most MUA seem to use
some random gibberish as the boundary string.  SEMI doesn't...

Of course, if this is fixed in 2.1, you can ignore this (assuming that
it comes out soonish ;-)

Bye, J

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