[Mailman-Developers] module imports & performance ... disk I/O?

Ricardo Kustner ricardo@rixhq.nu
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 22:51:46 +0200

On Sat, Jul 14, 2001 at 06:11:23PM +0200, Ricardo Kustner wrote:
> > If that isn't the problem, your best bet is to keep an eye on the system.
> > 'iostat' (need to install it separately on Linux, I think) and 'vmstat' can
> > deliver a lot of useful info about why a task is taking so long. 
> I'm afraid you might be right about that... it could be the disk I/O but I'm
> not sure yet... it's weird though, the previous setup had a very old disk so
> I don't understand why it has become that much slower now with a much newer
> disk. 

well I thought I was smart and created a 3mb ramdisk, copied the entire
~mailman/Mailman directory tree there and created a symbolic link to the
ramdisk... I expected this would gain me at least some speed as all the
Mailman modules are in the ramdisk... alas... It made absolutely no
difference :( so I don't think disk I/O is the real issue... unless Mailman
loads many core python modules...
OTOH maybe it could be that my new setup has less free memory (I am running
a stock kernel full of unnecessary stuff and a newer version of mysql) and it needs to
swap whenever Mailman gets loaded into memory which would explain the huge
delay at startup...