[Mailman-Developers] Another big batch of checkins coming

Jesper Jensen jj-list@mail.dk
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 23:49:48 +0200

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>Finally, there will be support for "virtual" mailing lists.
>Essentially, you create a normal list, but there are now two external
>interfaces which allow you to send a message to an explicit set of
>recipients, who need not be members of the list.  The message to that
>set of members will look like it's coming from the real mailng list.
>The two interfaces are 1) a Python module you could import from your
>application, through which you could call Post.inject() with a message
>object, a list name, and a list of recipient email address; 2) a
>command line interface which an external process could call to pass
>the same information to Post.inject().

That sounds neat, though I'm not sure I got it right.
If I'm calling Post.inject() with a message object, a list name and a list 
of e-mail adresses who will receive the e-mail?
- Only the list of e-mail adresses?, or
- Both the subscribed members and the list of e-mail adresses?

So from here it should be pretty easy to set up a "thread inject manager" ;)
In the simple form store a {messageid: sender e-mail addres} dictionary.
On replies to a message, find the "original" sender, see if he is a list 
member and if not Post.inject() him.
That way, communication with non-members stays on the list (and in the 
archives) (if the reply-to address is set to the list address).

Or something like that ...