[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Users] Upgrading from 2.0b5 to 2.1a2

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 00:21:08 -0400

[Note: I'm moving this discussion to malman-developers. -baw]

>>>>> "JAA" == Jose A Accino <jaccino@ieev.uma.es> writes:

    JAA> Is there any clean way to make a smooth upgrade from 2.0b5 to
    JAA> lates 2.1a2? (I'm making that just to check the upgrade
    JAA> process, using a spare machine and a copy of the actual
    JAA> lists).

    JAA> Making a 2.1a2 fresh installation (without lists) runs fine.
    JAA> However, I've been unable to upgrade the old lists. Here are
    JAA> the main points:

There's two ways to upgrade, neither of which has gotten a lot of
testing.  Based on you're message I tried the first way, and I'm about
to check in a bunch of patches to make that go smoother.  I'll try the
second way soon.

1) Install a fresh virgin MM2.1 in /usr/local/mailman and then move
   lists from /home/mailman (MM2.0.x) to /usr/local/mailman.  This way
   lets you migrate lists one at a time, gaining confidence in the new
   system in measured increments.  I will probably upgrade
   {python,zope}.org this way.

2) Install MM2.1 overtop an existing MM2.0.x installation and have
   everything just magically work.  I'll probably upgrade wooz.org's
   production lists this way.

Both ought to work, and ought to be easy.  After the checkins, here's
a recipe that makes #1 easy:

- Do a fresh install of MM2.1 in /usr/local/mailman according to the

- Copy or move `mylist' by first moving /home/mailman/lists/mylist
  to /usr/local/mailman/lists/mylist and
  /home/mailman/archives/private/mylist.mbox to

  BTW, I used rsync for this, just cause it's a cool tool and I can
  actually remember how to invoke it with the right options. :)

That's it.  Everything else should just work, except for possibly two
minor complications.

- If your web server is going to support both installations, it's
  possible you'll have two different base urls, one for your MM2.0.x
  installation and one for your MM2.1 installation.  If so, you'll
  need to manually change each moved list's web_page_url attribute.

  Fortunately, I'm about to add a script called `fix_url' which will
  reset a list's web_page_url to mm_cfg.DEFAULT_URL.  So if you
  configure mm_cfg.py correctly, then run fix_url, you should be
  golden.  I.e.

  % bin/withlist -l -r fix_url mylist

- Same dealie with your MTA, i.e. your wrapper aliases may point to
  two different directories.  Here, because I use Postfix and glued
  them together as described in README.POSTFIX, all I needed to do was
  run bin/genaliases and the new list aliases got installed.

  I'm sure that if you use Exim and glued them together as per
  README.EXIM, you probably don't need to do anything.  (I'm still
  waiting on contributions for better gluing instructions for
  Sendmail, qmail, and any others.)