[Mailman-Developers] subscriber profiler patch for mailman-2.0.5

Swee Heng Swee Heng <sh@srikant.org>
Fri, 1 Jun 2001 15:07:00 +0800 (SGT)

| looks great to me... maybe this would be a good solution for this much
thank you. that's very encouraging. :)

| this? I can't comment that much on the contents of the patch though it seems
| not to have a huge impact on the rest of the code base as far as I can
| tell...
i've tried to minimize the impact to the original code. the only original
files modified are src/Makefile (i added " profile") and edithtml.py (i
extended the list of edittable pages).

| 1) the subscribers list on the right could be usefull but if you have a list
| with 10k subscribers maybe that's not such a great idea :)
indeed. :) actually i simply copied the idea from roster.py. each member
adds about 0.1kb. so 1000 members gives a file size of about 100kb. 10k
members gives a file size of 1Mb. ouch! :)

| 2) am I correct to assume that you can use the MM tags in the templates to
| 'dynamically' invent the profile field names used? 
yes. <MM-P--tags> are used by profile.py internally while <MM-P-tags> are
for the profile field names. the "database" entry for joe@random.org is a
pickle of the dictionary : { '<mm-p-realname>' : 'Joe Random', ... }