[Mailman-Developers] anonymity features

Yanuar Nugroho y.nugroho@student.umist.ac.uk
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 14:52:36 +0100

Dear folks,

I'm doing a research on "how anonymity in CMC influences communication
behaviour among participants/communicators". This will be done in
asynchronous mode, and I have chosen to use GNU Mailman rather than any
other systems.

This is the list of the "anonymity feature" requirements that should be
ideally able to include.
1. Removing the sender identities (it has been solved, i think. in "privacy"
setting and cleanse.py, right?)
2. Archiving sent message (how is actually a message archived in Mailman?)
3. Adding additional text from a database into a message before being
distributed (is it possible to create text-based database and include a
particular data to the message? how can Mailman query and retrieve a data to
be included -- how can Mailman "scan" a message and find a "keyword" and use
the keyword to retrieve relevant data?
4. Other idea for the no.3 above, using "phantom messages" as the database.
The problem is how can Mailman automatically add a phantom message to a
5. How to customise the text-wrapping (text area in the email) in Mailman?
How to set, for example, the LEFT Margin to be 5 characters?

I think I have to stop. It has been too much. Sorry-sorry-sorry very much if
this realy bothers you. I am desperate in doing this research ... :) I don't
know how to do this. Not even a clue. I'm totally a new comer in Mailman,
Python and this GNU environment, but I want to learn. Anyone can help me?
(thanks to Barry Warsaw who encouraged me to join this milist. also for
Yaron Zarfati, Detlef Neubauer & JC Lawrence who tried to solve my previous
problems in handling the header. thanks!:)).

Cheers /Yanuar.
PS. If any of you need further info, I can send my preliminary works/report
via your individual emails. This probably helps you to know the context of
my research.

Yanuar Nugroho
PG. Stud. MSc. Information Systems Engineering,
Dept. of Computation, UMIST, Manchester - UK