[Mailman-Developers] Re: To VERP or not to VERP?

Fil fil@rezo.net
Sun, 17 Jun 2001 12:20:03 +0200

@ Chuq Von Rospach (chuqui@plaidworks.com) :
> Okay, here's a first cut at some data.

Very interesting! Doubling the bandwith needed might or not be a problem. My
systems delivers 10K messages at the mean rate of 18000 per hour. When I
send a message down a 130 000 subscribers' list, well, I have to wait quite
long befoore it's gone ; maybe I should buy some more bandwith. I'm ready to
take up the VERP approach, even if it means twice longer sends.

However there's another performance issue: how does postfix react when it's
got sent 130 000 emails to store and forward? Currently I send it about
10000 messages that it breaks up one by one using. I don't know about memory
or disk issues there, but 130 000 * 10k = 1.3 Gbytes on disk: there might be
more to consider than speed issues. I'd love to see it working that way
though. Would spare a lot users' and admin's nerves.

(By the way currently my larger lists aare not handled by Mailman but by
sympa, 'coz I needed to keep a copy of the subscribers' names in order to
spot them easier in the list when they want to unsubscribe and don't know
what their address was...)

> What do y'all think? I've included mailman-developers on this reply, 
> since while this started on mm-users, it really ought to be discussed on 
> the developers list...

-- Fil