[Mailman-Developers] Re: To VERP or not to VERP?

J C Lawrence claw@kanga.nu
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 09:48:52 -0700

On Sun, 17 Jun 2001 12:57:20 -0400 
Jay R Ashworth <jra@baylink.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 17, 2001 at 09:53:28AM -0700, Chuq Von Rospach wrote:
>> But what I've found, for really large e-mail installations,
>> there's always another bottleneck. The bigger/faster machine
>> paradigm just doesn't scale after a while, so what I'm working on
>> now is a new setup that I'm calling the "army of smurfs"
>> design. I'm going to be buying lots of small/fast/cheap boxes,
>> and not going to try to try to keep making that single monolithic
>> machine do incrementally more.

> If you're talking about generic large mail farms, Chuq, you
> *really* need to go find the Earthlink white paper on that and
> read it, if you haven't already.  They have one on news, too.
> Don't recall the URL; Ask The Web<tm>.


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