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From: etoffi jones <etoffi@bigfoot.com>
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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 08:12:13
Subject: bounce with me
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please keep me on cc:

wouldn't it be just great if Mailman lists could tell you what messages you 
have bounced (and provide a way to get them of course =P), just like ezmlm?

wouldn't it?

for example, the Return-Path could be modified like so:


(somebody should create a quux tld)

1) list name
2) 'return'
3) msg num
4) email addr (with = instead of @)

if any experts might be able to tell me that this is not to much to 
implement, i might be obliged to look into it myself. hehe.
for the ones where the latter doesnt apply, is this a good idea?  has there 
been any problems with this type of feature that you are aware of?

etoffi <http://oluworld.sourceforge.net/>