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Fri, 22 Jun 2001 01:35:22 GMT

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J C Lawrence writes:

> You're trying to solve the wrong problem.  MessageIDs effectively
> uniquely identify messages.  They are what you are looking for:  A
> way of identifying a message.  Don't try and re-invent a poor shadow
> of something that is already there.

well i for one actually think message numbers are nice to say the least.
but the difference between [message numbers and message ids] id 
irrelevant in this context.  one thing i would like to say about message
numbers before leaving this part of the conversation is that i can create 
my own list archive, which is automatically synced with all others because 
i have a "master" number.  maybe this could be an option (for people
who like this point)

either way, my idea is to have a unique value that represents each 
message accepted to a list and a map of subscriber addresses and missed
message [unique values].  Mailman could then try for, let's say, two 
weeks, then automatically unsubscribe the bounced user or put them 
"on hold."

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