[Mailman-Developers] HTML Issue

Tollef Fog Heen tollef@add.no
25 Jun 2001 21:07:35 +0200

* Thomas Wouters 

| in Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py, function listinfo_overview(). I believe Barry
| is reluctant to fix it because of possible breakage (people might have made
| template files with the (Headfull)Document in mind.) Barry ? :)

Actually, the fix is in htmlformat.py, around line 281:

        output.append('%s</HEAD>' % tab)
        output.append('%s<BODY' % tab)
	quals = []
	for k, v in kws.items():
	    quals.append('%s="%s"' % (k, v))
        output.append('%s<BODY %s>' % (tab, string.join(quals, ' ')))
        output.append(Container.Format(self, indent))

ok, first, we append '<body' to the output.  then we run in a little
loop, before we append another <body> with any arguments.  I raised
the problem on April 16th, and you told me about the headless problem,
but just commenting out

        output.append('%s<BODY' % tab)

has worked fine for me (and any users of Mailman on Debian).


Tollef Fog Heen
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