[Mailman-Developers] qrunner -- problem with huge mail messages

Dirko van Schalkwyk dvschalk@ing.sun.ac.za
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 16:42:56 +0200

J C Lawrence wrote:

> > again. Had to seek and destroy again.
> Having run lists which had posts with attachments in the 100Meg+
> range (some people use mail as a file transfer protocol), and had
> them work (admittedly more than a year ago) I'm fairly certain that
> this is not a Mailman problem.  Its likely to be an MTA problem or a
> system problem (eg spool space).
> Try sending such a post with such a large attachment to yourself
> through that same mail server.  Now try the same thing, but with say
> 50 copies of the same message being sent to yourself in very rapid
> succession.  What your system closely.  What happens?

My MTA (postfix) works fine.

I humbly apologize. It seems that I was to hasty in my definition of
qrunner "spinning" its wheels. 

I made some time measurements :

1 236 202 bytes took 2 minutes to process
4 053 188 bytes took 19 minutes to process

I this normal? Am I missing some option that I can turn of.
What is qrunner doing all this time?