[Mailman-Developers] Dates

Dan Mick dan.mick@west.sun.com
Tue, 01 May 2001 14:59:06 -0700

> > Right.  But if it's archived as "today" when it was sent "yesterday",
> > that's not the bahavior I would ever want, even if the Date: header is
> > correct in the archive.
> Ok, but the situation we're discussing here is when it was sent
> yesterday, and received yesterday, but *dated* some time in 1982.
> Since the message will not contain *any* authoritative sent dates at
> that point, 

I disagree.  The authoritative date is the Date header which says 1982.  That's
what the sending mail program said, and I believe it.  Just because its human
is an ass doesn't change that.  The human needs to be notified, sure.

> what protocol would you *suggest*, for having it archived
> as being sent yesterday, the way you'd like?

That's my point: it's *not* the way I'd like.  I'm not suggesting
any protocol.  The problem doesn't need any solution, for me.

I'd suggest that the only two meaningful dates are:

1) Date: header
2) date/time of arrival at the archiver

All else is sophistry.
> > Right.  I'm talking about the archiver too.
> > I just wanted to point out that opinions differ.
> Certainly... but I don't necessarily see that you've posited a
> *solution*, just an opinion.

Who said anything about a solution?  I started this thread, I think, by
stating an opinion about the behavior I'd like.