[Mailman-Developers] Delivering messages to scripts/post

Jesper Jensen jj-list@mail.dk
Wed, 02 May 2001 00:01:01 +0200

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>What version of Mailman are you running?  I'd be interested in looking
>at any patches that help port Mailman to Windows (or any other
>platform for that matter).  I develop on Linux these days, and before
>leaving CNRI, primarily Solaris.  I'm fairly confident Mailman runs on
>any (sane :) Unix-like OS, and I have nothing philosophical against
>porting Mailman to any platform that Python runs on -- and that's a
>lot of platforms.  But I don't have much time to do that work myself,
>so such porting necessarily relies on contributions from others.

Mailman 2.0.3, but it will work with 2.0.4 if only changes to qrunner was 
made there.
I am completely new to the world of sourceforge and cvs and patches and 
other joys it may bring.
Right now my only weapon is a python script that modies Mailman to run on 

But using the cvs patch system is probably a good idea and I will try to go 
that way instead.

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>This should actually be better for Python 2.1 since the
>case-sensitivity on imports for case-preserving case-insensitive file
>systems (e.g. Windows) has been greatly improved (I've been told).  I
>thought about renaming Mailbox.py, but that's a PITA because I don't
>want to lose the CVS history and renaming-retaining-history can't be
>done without access to the CVS repository.  I'll probably just require
>MacOSX and Cygwin (and Windows :) users to use to Python 2.1.
>Everyone else should be fine with Python 2.0 or 2.1.

That sounds great, time for another upgrade then ;)

Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>In the usual Unix MTA world, nothing, it's a dumb pipe.  Mailman
>itself looks at the incoming message for X-BeenThere headers and
>raises a LoopError if it finds one that matches the list address.
>There's no guarantee that'll be preserved during the loop though, and
>in that case there isn't much that can be done.

I know LISTSERV would refuse two messages with similar text sent to the 
same list.
Or that is, the first message is sent to the list and all following 
messages with similar text are rejected.
I don't know if this was a word by word comparison or a message size 

Has something similar been discussed for Mailman?
Or maybe I am making a bigger issue out of this than it is.
I am just terrified, that one morning I will find out, that one of the 
lists has been talking with some auto-reply system all night long.