[Mailman-Developers] case-sensitive e-mail addresses

Barry A. Warsaw barry@digicool.com
Wed, 2 May 2001 10:17:37 -0400

>>>>> "S" == SillyGod  <sillygod@hotmail.com> writes:

    S> Please, could someone advise me if there is still an issue with
    S> using case-sensitive e-mail addresses with mailman?
    S> ie. john.doe@email.com vs. John.Doe@email.com would both get
    S> delivered? Or would the case-incorrect version bounce?

Mailman is case-preserving case-insensitive w.r.t. email addresses.

What this means is that you cannot subscribe both john.doe@email.com
and John.Doe@email.com; they are considered the same address for
memebership purposes.

However, Mailman will case-preserve the username part of the address,
so that if you subscribe John.Doe@email.com, messages will be sent to
John.Doe@email.com and not john.doe@email.com.