[Mailman-Developers] Re: Mailman and LDAP integration [was python-ldap and openldap 2.07]

Donal Hunt Donal.Hunt2@mail.dcu.ie
Sat, 12 May 2001 18:54:11 +0100

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> > Have the authentication bit working at the moment.  Having a think about
> > how to store the mailman subscription information still.  Whether to store
> > the attributes (subscription type, nomail option, etc) as a sub-object of
> > the person object or to have lots of atrributes named in such a way that
> > they  are unique to their list, but easily searchable and don't add a lot
> > of load to the LDAP protocol.  Any suggestions or preferences from a
> > general POV??
> i personally would define an object class that has all the mailman-specific
> attributes as "MAY"-attributes. then you simply add this object class into
> the object class statements for your user records. all mailman-specific
> records are then simply stored on your user record along with the rest of
> the information.
> you could also create separate records that carry the email address and
> mailman-specific stuff (or better, that carry anything needed by mailman),
> but then you'd have to make sure that info is in sync with your "normal"
> user records in case someone is defined as a normal user record and has a
> separate mailman record as well.

I'm sure whether to have something like a sub-object with something like:

		                dn: cn=myname, ou=dept, o=company
		      |                                                   |
dn: maillist=mylist@dom.org, cn=myname, ou=dept, o=company              
another maillist dn
	|									|
	|-nomail: yes								|-nomail: no
	|-digest: no								|- etc


		                dn: cn=myname, ou=dept, o=company
				|- some attribute combinations...
				|- nomail: yes
				|- digest: yes
				|- etc

the top way of organising things is more scalable and easier to manage (i
think). but the second one only allows for one option for all your mailing
lists - ie you have digest enabled for all or non e of your mailing list
subscriptions.  Or maybe i list the mailing list names in the nomail
attribute and parse it on the mailman side to see if nomail is set for the
particular list.

nomail-yes: maillist-1@list.org, maillist-2@list.org
nomail-no: maillist-4@list.org, maillist-5@list.org
or something along those lines...

Hmm... think i should cc this onto Mailman-dev actually... 

> > As regards code, I'll be releasing it to the Mailman developers and anyone
> > who wants it once it's working...
> barry warsaw is working for my company ;)

I'm cc-ing this to the Mailman-dev mailing list - I'm subscribed to it, but
slightly behind in reading the digests (only by some 75 days!! hehe) - just
so they know someone is playing with it.  I know it's on the WishList for
Mailman 3.x, but no harm in seeing what's involved and exploring the