[Mailman-Developers] Template file lookup

Scott Brown scott-brown@home.com
Fri, 18 May 2001 16:39:11 -0400

[majority removed]

> It is highly discouraged that you will ever manually edit a file in
> $prefix/templates/$lang, and Mailman's install target will have every
> right to overwrite them on an upgrade.  That's what the templates/site
> subdirectory is for; upgrading will never touch site-centric,
> domain-centric, or list-centric templates.  Of course, that means it's
> up to site administrators to merge in changes to the default
> templates.
> Watch for checkins shortly.
> Comments?

Dont know if you read my comments on the wikki, but as a small (very small
:) hosting co owner, I'd like to see some way of maintaining virt domain
specific information within the virt domain directory tree... something

$prefix = master mailman install directory
$virtprefix = site specific data file directory   (eg


Plaster appropriate protection to keep people meddling with them - but dont
hide them off somewhere else on the disk - keep them with the  virtual
domain itself.

Gives two benefits (that I see):

1 - all the files associated with that domain are hung under one tree -
making backup/restore of individual domains simpler.

2 - those host co's using soft quotas dont have to scour the disk looking
for files that should be applied against each virt domain.

Could be more - but my mind is elsewhere right now.