[Mailman-Developers] subscriber profiler patch for mailman-2.0.5

Swee Heng Swee Heng <sh@srikant.org>
Wed, 30 May 2001 19:56:40 +0800 (SGT)

hi folks,

i've written a patch to mailman-2.0.5 that lets it handle subscribers'
profiles. (is this the "member profiles" feature on the wishlist?)

the patch is available at:
a screenshot of it in action is at:

this is my first serious attempt at python. so please be warned. :)
feel free to comment.

swee heng

Brief Documentation

how to install it:
  1. "patch -p0 <" the patch to mailman-2.0.5
  2. do the usual "./configure; make; make install"
this will create Mailman/Cgi/profile.py, cgi-bin/profile and three
templates files (prof_login.html, prof_list.html, prof_user.html) in
templates/. it will also modify Mailman/Cgi/edithtml.py so that list
admins can change the look of the templates.

how to use it:
for currently existing lists, you need to copy the template files:
  cp templates/prof_* lists/the-existing-list/
for new lists, nothing needs to be done. finally, visit the URL:

1. profile information is made available to list members and admins when
private_roster == 0 or 1. it is made available only to list admins when
private_roster == 2. profile information is not available otherwise.

2. the database is really just a collection of pickles, one for each
subscriber, stored in lists/name-of-list/profiles/.

3. i've used a whole slew of replacement MM tags, but they all look like
<MM-P-foobar> or <MM-P--privatefoobar>. they won't pollute other tags.