[Mailman-Developers] Web Authenticfication for mailing list members outside Mailman?

Markus Jansen (PAC) Markus.Jansen@pac.ericsson.se
Fri, 2 Nov 2001 14:43:39 +0100


I am currently running both a web site and two majordomo lists.
I would like to migrate to mailman, and at the same time make parts
of the Web site (Apache 1.3, Solaris) accessible only for members of =
one or more mailing lists
(you may see them as user groups).
Is there a way to reuse Mailman cookies outside the Mailman pages, or =
to place these pages
in a way that they are handled though Mailman security?

An additional minus on my site is that I don't have experience with =
Python (yet),
I am just a Perl geek :-(.

Any ideas are highly appreciated ...

Best regards,

	Markus Jansen

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