[Mailman-Developers] Web Authenticfication for mailing list members outside Mailman?

Andy Heath andyheath2@lineone.net
Fri, 02 Nov 2001 14:06:27 +0000

Well, in the absence of universal support for LDAP or
similar this is a good solution and one I currently do
my self with Zope and lists.

One way to do this is to use something external to mailman
to extract the id's and and encrypt the passwords and
put it on a crontab to generate the .htaccess files.

A better approach would be a generic way to interface with
mailman and I *believe* 2.1 mailman supports a much better
(essentially pluggable if you're a programmer) security
architecture - but, its not out there in a stable well-
documented way that a non-pythoneer can pick up and modify
yet so meanwhile doing it completely externally will
save effort (not worth hacking 2.0.x when 2.1 is on the way).

Happy to mail you the script I use if it helps - its not
orginal - in fact its in a patch (badly named) on sourceforge.

The solution works well for me (though with Zope, not apache).

Hope this helps


> I am currently running both a web site and two majordomo lists.
> I would like to migrate to mailman, and at the same time make parts
> of the Web site (Apache 1.3, Solaris) accessible only for members of one or more mailing lists
> (you may see them as user groups).
> Is there a way to reuse Mailman cookies outside the Mailman pages, or to place these pages
> in a way that they are handled though Mailman security?
> An additional minus on my site is that I don't have experience with Python (yet),
> I am just a Perl geek :-(.
> Any ideas are highly appreciated ...
> Best regards,
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