[Mailman-Developers] Password reminder via Web for non subscribed address hits a bug

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 19:29:19 -0500

>>>>> "LM" == Luca Maranzano <liuk@publinet.it> writes:

    LM> I've upgraded to latest CVS this morning, and I've found the
    LM> following problem:

    LM> accessing via web to
    LM> http://my.server.com/mailman/options/LISTNAME and inserting an
    LM> email address which is *not* subscribed to LISTNAME and then
    LM> pressing on the "Remind" button generates the following error:

    LM> May be a check to verify if the email is subscribed is
    LM> missing?

Also, you must have private rosters set.  I believe I've fixed this
now in cvs.

    LM> PS: may be we are almost ready for 2.1a4 or the first beta?
    LM> Barry? :)

Yes, I think so, for another alpha.  I want to get one or two more
small features in before I go beta, but soon!