[Mailman-Developers] List CGI

Bob Puff@NLE bob@nleaudio.com
Tue, 06 Nov 2001 15:52:30 -0500

> > As a job assignment I'm required to make a script (its highly
> > likely it will be with a CGI script) so that mailman mailing lists
> > can be created using a web page. However my idea is not to
> > reinvent the wheel. Is there anything like it or do I have to
> > start coding?
> Already done for 2.1

Well, not quite.  It is complete only if you are using only one domain name on your machine.  If you are doing virtual hosting, you need to modify the Postfix Virtual file (if running Postfix), adding the entries in there also.

I've got a script I wrote that works, but the catch is you need "mailman" or "root" permissions to execute the newlist command.  (Modifying Postfix's Virtual file takes different permissions yet.)

My solution is to run a cron job as root (yeah I know, security hole) that looks in a queue for stuff to do, then does it if necessary.  So I have the cgi script put the appropriate data in the queue, then the cron script (which runs every few minutes) calls the necessary script to do what needs to be done, at a privilege level that makes everything work.