[Mailman-Developers] hanging subscribe requests

John Masterson jmasterson@modwest.com
Tue, 13 Nov 2001 09:46:05 -0800


I've posted my problem twice to mail-users to no avail. I apologize in
advance if this is not the appropriate forum for this report.

Running Redhat 6.2, Python 2.1.1, Mailman 2.0.6, Apache 1.3.20

The Mailman web interface mostly works fine. However, when someone attempts
to subscribe to a list, the page hangs and spins and results in "Document
contains no data" (Netscape) or "Cannot find server/DNS error" (IE).

This generally starts 1-3 python subscribe processes which persist for 30
seconds or so and then fire off the confirmation of (1-3) subscription

This behavior can be experienced here:


Thanks for any tips. We have recompiled, reinstalled, etc, several times.

John Masterson
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