[Mailman-Developers] questions about gate_news

Jonas Meurer jmeurer@gmx.de
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 16:59:56 +0100

Hey ho,
I'm new at this list, and I've a few questions about gate_news.
It isn't working very well, so some posts to the group aren't fetched
and some mails aren't posted. Can the problem be that the newsserver is
connected only per ISDN and so the connection is very slow? So that sometimes
the newsserver gives a timeout?
Is this a known bug in gate_news, or is it a problem of my configuration?
Im using mailman 2.0.7 self-compiled on a debian system.
I've heard that gate_news is only a hack, so that it's not really good.
Is this true? Is it better in later versions?
And: Have all mailman-programs to be written in python? If not, I could
try to rewrite gate_news in c? With a config-file where changes are written
to? Out of it all, isn't c faster than python?

Bye and thanks

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