[Mailman-Developers] Which version of mimelib with latest CVS?

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Tue, 2 Oct 2001 09:24:46 -0400

>>>>> "LM" == Luca Maranzano <liuk@publinet.it> writes:

    LM> just a quick question: which version of mimelib is necessary
    LM> to use latest (this morning) CVS of MM ? I'm currently using
    LM> 0.4.

Oops, sorry, I meant to send an email out about this. ;}

Go to the misc directory and install the email-0.90.tar.gz distutils
package.  I will update the INSTALL file asap.

mimelib was a prototype and has been integrated into the Python 2.2
standard library.  Its name was changed to the "email" package, and
the API was made more consistent, but that required changes.  If
you're running Python 2.2 (who is? :) you don't need to install the
standalone email package.  For anything else, email-0.90 is a version
ported to earlier Python 2.x.