[Mailman-Developers] Bug: "very low level failure"

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 23:51:57 -0400

>>>>> "DH" == Donal Hunt <donal.hunt2@mail.dcu.ie> writes:

    DH> For once i'm completely stumped.

    | History:
    | -------
    | Python 2.1.1 on Solaris 8 (Sparc Edtion).
    | Apache 1.3.20.
    | Installed Mailman 2.0.6 using:

    DH> Just get the following message:

    DH> "Mailman experienced a very low level failure and could not
    DH> even generate a useful traceback for you. Please report this
    DH> to the Mailman administrator at this site."

I suspect there's something wrong with your Python installation.
You'd only get this low level error if you got an exception in the
driver script's print_traceback() or print_environment() functions.

One thought: are you positive that you're using Python 2.1.1 with the
web interface?  If the Python you're using doesn't support extended
print, that could be your problem.

Try running the driver script manually from the install directory.
You'll get an exception, but it shouldn't be a low level one (probably
an IndexError trying to extract the the cgi program's name from
sys.argv).  E.g.:

% PYTHONPATH=. python -S scripts/driver

Make sure `python' is exactly the one you gave on the configure line.
If you get some other exception, or error, it should give you an
indication of the problem that's occurring.