[Mailman-Developers] multiple mailpeople on same box

Andy Heath a.k.heath@shu.ac.uk
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 11:58:37 +0100

This is a bit "howto" so forgive me for asking here but suspect
the knowledge only with the developers and not documented anywhere yet -

I'm wanting to get seriously into 2.1a2 (maybe should ask this
on the i18n list) and do some hacking - have only one box and
need to continue running existing lists - what are the
constraints on running multiple mailmans (mailmen ? mailwomen?)
concurrently on the same system ?


1. Can I use same UID and GID , use $prefix to another
directory, merge the crontabs and tailor some URL path info
for apache so the right URL's invoke different mailman instances ? 
I'm currently using my own hacked version
of Archiver.py with hypermail for archiving some lists
and pipermail with others on a per-list basis.

2.  Must I abandon 1. and use on separate id/group for each
(painful to administer) ?

3. Are there other potential clash points than the ones
I have identified ?

4. Any resource problems with 2.1a2 that would upset the
concurrent running of 2.0.6 (such as memory hogging or crashing and
filling device space or similar) - I don't want to upset my list
communities running on 2.0.6.

-- andy