[Mailman-Developers] (2.0.6) pipermail takes >1 minute to rebuild indexes on large lists

John W Baxter jwblist@olympus.net
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 10:33:19 -0700

At 9:58 +0900 10/10/2001, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
>Yes, this is probably the right solution.  In fact, I'm actually
>leaning towards suggesting that Mailman just come with or depend
>upon hypermail for archiving; we're just re-inventing the wheel
>by trying to modify pipermail over and over, and it's really not
>going to scale.

A problem here is that Hypermail is far from the only game in town.  I
don't know its current state:  hopefully much better than when we tossed it
out about 5 years ago.

Should mailman be picking the outside archiver to use, or should it just
make it easy to use SOME outside archiver?  (If there is some archiver
which is "the GNU archiver" in the sense that Mailman is "the GNU mailing
list manager, I suppose that one could reasonably be favored.)


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