[Mailman-Developers] CPU Usage

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Tue, 9 Oct 2001 23:20:39 -0400

>>>>> "RP" == Rodolfo Pilas <rodolfo@linux.org.uy> writes:

    RP> Dear Barry, thank you for your reply.

    RP> I have this problem every two days.  I need to kill -9 the
    RP> hang python process (the others mailmanctl can be down with
    RP> mailmanctl stop) and rm the /var/.../locks/* and then restart
    RP> bin/mailmanctl start.

Using some other signal doesn't kill mailmanctl?  You have to use -9?

    RP> If I do not rm the locks/ directory the mailmanctl start says
    RP> that I have another daemon pid into /var/.../data/qrunner.pid
    RP> but this file do not exists.  (the problem is the
    RP> /var/.../locks/ directory!)

It makes sense that if you kill -9 the process, you'd have to clean up
the locks and pid file.  Processes can't catch SIGKILL so Mailman
can't exit cleanly when this signal is sent.

    RP> Please, feel free to contact me if you wish that I test some
    RP> other version of the qrunner.

I'm probably going to go through one more round of rewrite of
mailmanctl.  I don't like the fact that you have to do a stop/start
cycle when you (well, really I ;) make a change to the mail processing
code.  I can't implement a "restart" command given the current code
because imports get in the way.  I probably need to do an exec after
the fork to make this work well.

In any event, I'll stress test this after the rewrite.  I have also
seen some strange stuff with mailmanctl, but I haven't spent the time
yet to track them down.