[Mailman-Developers] moderate by user?

Larry McVoy lm@bitmover.com
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 14:14:04 -0700

Forgive me if this is glaring at me in the docs, but does any mailman
version have the ability to have some users be moderated and some be
not moderated on the same list?

This would rock my world and a lot of other people's as well.  I'd love
to be able run my lists as "you're trusted until you screw up" and/or
"you're untrusted until you prove trustyworthy" and be able to pick and
choose on a per person basis.

A lot of mailing lists try and maintain a certain tone and this is a 
decent way to do it.  Another coolness feature would be able to let
any of the trusted people approve any of the untrusted people's postings,
but that's a second order term.

Thanks in advance, I love Mailman.
Larry McVoy            	 lm at bitmover.com           http://www.bitmover.com/lm