[Mailman-Developers] Another Problem

Igor Pruchanskiy igor@linuxinside.com
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 17:37:41 -0700

> Yes, I've seen this too.  I think the "auto-confirm" message
> isn't quite right.  It's an error you can ignore (and one
> you don't get if you do the web confirmation dance rather
> than email); as you can see, the 'confirm' command succeeded.
> Either the email command parser is too picky, or the format
> of the confirm message is off (should have 'end' in it or
> something to stop the command parser from trying to parse).

Ah... i see... I am fine with that, i just did not want (l)users
to get all confused.... We are a Solaris user group, but some members
are either really picky or confused :)

I put some php code in my .signature just for fun, and someone asked me to
remove it, because they we afraid that i wanted to run my code on their
machines... go figure :)


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