[Mailman-Developers] pipermail from cron?

Marc MERLIN marc_news@valinux.com
Tue, 23 Oct 2001 16:27:34 -0700

On Thu, Oct 18, 2001 at 10:42:23AM +0900, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> >>>>> "Rodolfo" == Rodolfo Pilas <rodolfo@linux.org.uy> writes:
>     Rodolfo> It is not big:
>     Rodolfo> # du -h /var/spool/mailman/archives/private/ 9.1M
>     Rodolfo> /var/spool/mailman/archives/private
>     Rodolfo> but I am thinking that the problem is perhaps in the
>     Rodolfo> pipermail system.
> Try turning off internal archiving (only archive to the mbox file)
> and see if your problem goes away.

I don't know pipermail very well, but I  know that it can add one message to
an archive, or rebuild a whole archive from an mbox file.

Can it however  update an existing archive with whatever  messages have been
added to  a mailbox  in the  last X  hours (i.e.  disable HTML  archiving in
mailman and run arch from cron)
If I have to, I could extract a  portion of the mbox file if pipermail can't
figure  out which  messages are  new in  the mbox  and not  yet in  the HTML

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