[Mailman-Developers] List CGI

Allan Baker allan@caldera.com.mx
Sat, 6 Oct 2001 11:39:05 -0500

Hello all

I ignore the fact if this is the right place to post. If this is not the accurate
list I hope this mail can be redirected to a more appropriate one.

As a job assignment I'm required to make a script
(its highly likely it will be with a CGI script) so that mailman
mailing lists can be created using a web page. However
my idea is not to reinvent the wheel. Is there anything like
it or do I have to start coding?

Thanks for any help and any pointers, links or advice will
be appreciated

Allan Baker

Allan Baker Ortegon, Technical Support, Caldera International Mexico
allan@caldera.com.mx, http://www.caldera.com.mx
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