[Mailman-Developers] [ mailman-Bugs-564587 ] config_list breaks at filter_mime_types

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Fri, 09 Aug 2002 14:03:01 -0700

Bugs item #564587, was opened at 2002-06-04 17:06
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Category: command line scripts
Group: 2.1 beta
>Status: Closed
>Resolution: Fixed
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Devin L. Ganger (dlganger)
Assigned to: Barry A. Warsaw (bwarsaw)
Summary: config_list breaks at filter_mime_types

Initial Comment:
When running:

  config_list -o cpunk.conf cpunk-secpro

on my list cpunk-secpro@lists.thecabal.org, I get the 
following error:

(bofh:mailman) /home/mailman $ config_list -o 
cpunk.conf cpunk-secpro
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/mailman/bin/config_list", line 268, in ?
  File "/home/mailman/bin/config_list", line 261, in main
    do_output(listname, outfile)
  File "/home/mailman/bin/config_list", line 113, in 
    do_list_categories(mlist, k, None, outfp)
  File "/home/mailman/bin/config_list", line 162, in 
    lines = value.replace('\r', '').split('\n')
AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'replace'

Doing a tail of the cpunk.conf file show the following:

(bofh:mailman) /home/mailman $ tail 
# matching MIME major type, e.g. image.  Blank lines 
are ignored.
# After stripping message parts, any multipart 
attachment that is empty
# as a result is removed all together.  If the outer part's 
MIME type
# matches one of the strip types, or if all of the outer 
part's subparts
# are stripped, then the whole message is discarded.  
Finally, each
# multipart/alternative section will be replaced by just 
the first
# alternative that is non-empty after the specified types 
have been
# removed.
filter_mime_types =


>Comment By: Barry A. Warsaw (bwarsaw)
Date: 2002-08-09 17:03

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I believe this is fixed in current cvs and will be part of


Comment By: Jay Luker (lbjay)
Date: 2002-07-24 17:19

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I'm experiencing the same problem on a debian (woody) 
install, python -V = 2.2  
I worked around it temporarily by adding a varname != 
filter_mime_types condition to the "if" on L268. 


Comment By: Devin L. Ganger (dlganger)
Date: 2002-06-04 17:08

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This is on Solaris 7, Python 2.2:

(bofh:devin) /home/devin $ python -V
Python 2.2
(bofh:devin) /home/devin $ uname -a
SunOS bofh.thecabal.internal 5.7 Generic_106541-14 sun4m 
sparc SUNW,SPARCsystem-600


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