[Mailman-Developers] Anti-spam "killer app"?

Darrell Fuhriman darrell@grumblesmurf.net
16 Aug 2002 21:55:30 -0700

Satya <satyap@satya.virtualave.net> writes:

> don't deactivate me!) thingy which'll be called from procmail, and
> another perl thingy which'll be called from crontab ... well, never
> mind the details.

Yah, I threw it together this afternoon, too.

Sorry, guys, I did it in perl, too.  I'm just trying to collect
enough spam to seed it.  I only had a couple hundred laying
around.  I can start doing some more serious testing.  So far, it
seems to do the right thing.

The code's rather un-polished, but you're welcome to what I've
got so far.