[Mailman-Developers] Re: Anti-spam "killer app"?

David Champion dgc@uchicago.edu
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 12:32:10 -0500

* On 2002.08.22, in <Pine.OSX.4.44.0208221308140.5976-100000@core.newfield.org>,
*	"Dale Newfield" <Dale@Newfield.org> wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, David Champion wrote:
> > "forward to spam-submit@uchicago.edu" is pretty simple, and as the
> > filter gets smarter, it becomes less necessary to interact with it.
> That has huge potential risks.  If there's someone I don't like, I could
> just forward all his mail to that address (it'll learn very quickly if
> that person has a .sig), and he/she's screwed.

Yes -- I should have mention this in my first message. I'm certainly
wary of that, but I also feel that sufficient safeguards are possible
in principle. Verify the sender's envelope address, and require the
SMTP connection to come from a limited range of addresses. It still can
be abused locally, but that might be a worthwhile tradeoff, should an
individual user choose to go that way.

> Would there be an equivilant "you have to send all your good mail to this
> address"?  The privacy risks there are tremendous, as well.

No. I don't want people sending the system lots of legitimate mail. I'll
specifically ask that people not send legit mail except as necessary; an
ever-expanding database is a big perfprmance hit.

However, such text would be hashed, and the original discarded, so that
privacy is protected.

For people using immediate IMAP folders as sources, there are no extra
privacy concerns incurred.

I'm happy to continue talking about this (it's a really interesting
topic, to me), but maybe it's getting a little off-topic for the
mailman-developers list. Does anyone have an alternative suggestion?
Does nobody mind?

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