[Mailman-Developers] (More) pristine archives

Tokio Kikuchi tkikuchi@is.kochi-u.ac.jp
Tue, 27 Aug 2002 11:27:15 +0900


Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

> An interesting issue came up today while we were playing with a
> Bayesian spam classifier.  Mailman's archives aren't very clean.
> Messages are sent to the archiver after various headering munging
> steps, including the adding of the List-* headers and the Subject
> prefix.

The headers are in the raw archive and not in the monthly (or
quaterly, weekly) text format archive. I would rather stop
publicizing the raw archive even if the other archives are public
accessible. At least it should be configurable (in mm_cfg).

> We still want to do some munging, e.g. for anonymous lists.  This
> tells me that we may want to move ToArchive up before CookHeaders in
> the global pipeline.

We use a modified version of mailman 2.0.x in Japan and we like
a feature of adding numbers in the subject header. The users tend
to reference articles by the number not by the archive URL.
So, we want the archive to be munged.
BTW, I'm preparing a patch for numbering the subject prefix.

> I don't think we want to move ToDigest or ToUsenet because I think we
> /want/ those headers munged before the message is sent to the digests
> or news server.  What do you think?
> -Barry
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