[Mailman-Developers] Howto submit patches?

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Mon Dec 2 04:56:34 2002

>>>>> "MJ" == Matthias Juchem <lists@konfido.de> writes:

    MJ> I'm wondering how I should submit a patch.

    MJ> There is a patch manager on sf.net, but apparently without
    MJ> possibily to add a patch, at least for people who are not
    MJ> registered for the project.

    MJ> So is sending them to mailman-developers@python.org the best
    MJ> way?

It's not a great way, because it will be way to easy for it to get
lost in my inbox.  This is doubly true for a new feature patch, since
I'll undoubtably defer it until after MM2.1 final.

You don't have to be registered for the Mailman project to post
patches, you just have to be a registered user on SF.  This is
essential because I may need to contact you with questions or
comments, and that's not possible with anonymous patches or bug

If registering with SF is too much of a burden, then the next best
thing is to get some existing mailman-developers member to submit your
patch for you.


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