[Mailman-Developers] Archiving problem in current CVS.

Jinhyok Heo novembre+dated+1039410247.6d79a7 at ournature.org
Wed Dec 4 05:26:30 2002

I got two problems and one feature request.

Fist, if I try to regenerate archive of a list with Current CVS
mailman(using bin/arch), characters of the archives are currupted,
unlike incoming mails. Can you give it a glance?

And, I've set "ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER = 3" in my mm_cfg.py, but it
doesn't work. Incoming mails are archived as if set with

Why don't we have such a ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER option that leaves
html parts inline and doesn't html-escape. It can be really dangerous
but, in a small reliable group, such an option can be quite useful.
Nowadays there are many free webmail services which they send html
mails only and archives become quite ugly.

| Jinhyok Heo (novembre @ ournature.org || http://ournature.org/~novembre/)
| "We are still reaching for the sky. In the developed countries people
|  are coming back down, saying, `It's empty up there.'" --- a Ladakhi monk

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