[Mailman-Developers] unicode / archive problem revisited

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Dec 4 14:08:05 2002

>>>>> "RB" == Ron Brogden <rb@islandnet.com> writes:

    RB> Howdy.  I am currently running 2.1b5 of Mailman and am trying
    RB> to sort out an issue with archiving that has crept up.

    RB> The problem has been mentioned previously from what I can tell
    RB> but no resolution seems to have been mentioned.

    RB> What the problem is that list archives (for reasons I won't
    RB> bore you with) have a number of SPAM message in them with all
    RB> sorts of random encoding types and other mangled garbage.
    RB> What happens is that when the archiver gets to the point of
    RB> writing the archive, the encoding type test generates an error
    RB> and the whole archiving process grinds to a crashing halt.
    RB> These are busy lists and the mbox archive takes a very long
    RB> time to parse and there just is not enough time in the day to
    RB> search for the offending message, chop it out and wait another
    RB> 45 minutes or more until the archives are regenerated to hit
    RB> the next garbled header, etc.  This will also continue to be a
    RB> problem if any future SPAM messages sneak in via forged
    RB> headers, etc.

Could you send me a sample of an offending message, as an attachment?
Better yet, file a bug report with SourceForge and upload (don't
paste!) that same on the bug report.


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