[Mailman-Developers] not quite about mailman -- AOL data losses.

Satya satyap at satya.virtualave.net
Thu Dec 5 20:34:28 2002

On Dec 4, 2002 at 21:16, Chuq Von Rospach wrote:

>tough for AOL, though. it throws out a lot of that stuff. The AOL 

Sheesh, if they're not going to do email like everyone else, they're
not part of the internet. I mean, pulling out headers, come on?
Dropping email silently, when *not* blackholed? ::gibbers::

>person suggested putting it in the subject line flag area (as in 
>[Mailman-Developers:113]), which is as good as anything.

Okay, but that bloats the subject line more, and will get flames from
people who filter on "[listname]" instead of "List-Id:.*listname".
Whatever. As long as you don't mess with List-Id, I don't care :-\.

How about adding a line just after the headers, in the body, saying
"message x of y"? Or in the footer or wherever Mailman inserts stuff.

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