[Mailman-Developers] Legal trouble in Germany

Michael Kallas michael.kallas at web.de
Fri Dec 6 08:29:55 2002


This has been considered illegal by the Landgericht Berlin:
> Mailing list subscription confirmation notice for mailing list
> Mailman-Users
> We have received a request from [IP address] for subscription of your
> email address, "michael.kallas@web.de", to the
> mailman-users@python.org mailing list.
This court decided (search Google for "16 O 515/02") that it is considered
to be "unwanted advertisement" (UCE, SPAM) if a businessman gets a mail
in which he is asked whether he wants to be subscribed to a newsletter.
It would be the task of the newsletter administrator to prove that the 
other person really _wanted_ to subscribe.
Similar rights could be used for private persons, so this affects indeed all
mailing lists / newsletters.

Should this judgement be shared by other german courts, newsletter admins
using mailman or any similar software would have to fear a wave of

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