[Mailman-Developers] Unable to install 2.1b5 on RedHat 7.3

Liam Routt liam at routt.net
Mon Dec 9 17:54:48 EST 2002

Not a whole lot of help from the list. But I have answered my own problem:

Liam Routt wrote:
> The error I'm getting is one I have seen mention of before in the 
> archives:
> Compiling /home/mailman/Mailman/versions.py ...
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "bin/update", line 44, in ?
>     import paths
>   File "bin/paths.py", line 55, in ?
>     import japanese
> ImportError: No module named japanese

The answer was in README.LINUX, of course: install python2-devel. Worked 
fine after that.

> Things to consider:
> 1. The failure did not halt the install, although it did make it 
> impossible for it to complete. But the relevant messages were *way* back, 
> and probably meaningless to a non-technical person, at a guess.

I still think that the failure should stop the install, rather than 
allowing it to merrily continue without having installed everything it 
needed, only to be brought up short with the above message.

Take care,

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